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About Viten

viten.no offers web-based teaching units in science for secondary school. In each unit students investigate a science topic like genetic testing, DNA in a crime scene and general relativity.

Some of the units start with a problem to solve and a frame story following the students through the unit. The natural science content is presented as animations, evidence pages and video clips. Along the way, students are engaged in different activities like drag-and-drop tasks, multiple choice questions and open ended questions. The students’ answers on open-ended questions will be saved in an electronic workbook, where the teacher can comment on their work at any time. The units emphasize exploring, thinking, arguing, reflections and literacy that stimulates deep learning.

All units are developed in close cooperation with science academic communities and classroom evaluation.

Viten was established in 1999 by Doris Jorde and Alex Strømme as a research and development project between the University of Oslo (UiO) and The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). The Viten project is now a part of the Norwegian Centre for Science Education.

Project managers: Wenche Erlien og Øystein Sørborg.

Published: 17.11.2022