Technical requirements

To use the Viten programs, Adobe Flash Player must be installed (free) and popup window should be allowed.

Note! Adobe Flash Player is not supported by iPhone and iPad, but the browser Puffin can make most of it work.

Adobe Flash Player

Here you'll find latest version:
NB! To install Adobe Flash Player, administrator rights is probably required by the OS.

Popup window

In the Viten programs, the written exercises often open in their own window so you can go back to other pages while you work with the answer. Since pop-up windows have been used a lot to show advertisements on the Internet, it has become common for computers to have a blocking mechanism. Most of the new browsers have a built-in popup blocker, but other programs have it as well. The Google toolbar and Norton Internet Security are two examples of these. If you are using a program like this, you should change the settings to allow pop-up windows on